Monday, November 28, 2011

Remembering Him

I wrote an article a couple of years ago entitled, "Everything Else Can Wait."

I was talking about how easy it is to get caught up in the busyness of life. I'd get to the end of my day and suddenly think, "Have I eve spoken to God today?"

I don't like being in that position, but I find myself here yet again. How can I put busyness before my maker? Why is it so easy to let everything else get in the way?

One of the reasons I started this blog, was to force myself to sit down each day and focus on God for a while before launching into everything else.

I want to remember him. I want to remember that he is there all day, sitting, walking, breathing, right beside me. I want to include him in everything I do. I want to build a strong relationship with the one who loves me more than anyone ever could.

Lord, I'm sorry for my distracted heart. Please forgive me and may I remember you each day and ask myself... "Have I spent anytime with the Lord today? Everything else can wait."

Do you ever struggle with this issue?
What do you do to combat it?


  1. I struggle everyday. I let little household matters, child matters etc... get in the way. I am Martha.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one :) Something for us to keep in mind, I guess

  3. I'm a Martha too. And I remind myself that God is at work both to will and to do. So I pray for both.

  4. Lovely post... I use to get too busy too :) I still do, but I now make it a point to read my devotional and Bible EVERY MORNING (with my cup of coffee) BEFORE I have to wake up the munchkins for school. Because once their up, then it's go! go! go! until they get in bed! LOL Thanks you for your kind words on my poat :)

  5. Great idea, Michelle. I tend to do my devotions at the end of the day, but tiredness can sometimes hound me. My Dad's a first thing in the morning fellow. He says it sets him up really well for the day.